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CBS on ABC Radio

As part of our 2024 Conference, our chapter president Julian McNally spoke to ABC Radio about CBS and the conference. Listen to Julian below! (Thanks to ABC for letting us share this excerpt)

ABC Newcastle Interview - Julian McNally

Main Topics of the discussion

Contextual Behavioral Science and Well-being

  • CBS focuses on putting people's well-being in the context of what's important to them.

  • It emphasizes identifying what really matters to individuals beyond just addressing symptoms.

  • The approach aims to help individuals commit to meaningful actions in their lives.

Impact on Psychology Practice

  • CBS changes the traditional psychological approach from symptom-focused to meaning-focused.

  • It encourages psychologists to explore what is important to their clients and how they can commit to life values.

  • The approach challenges the idea of controlling thoughts and feelings, instead promoting acceptance and action.

Association for Contextual Behavioural Science Conference

  • The conference serves as a platform for practitioners and scientists to exchange information and research findings.

  • It aims at improving the practice by integrating tested techniques into real-world applications.

  • Practitioners benefit from learning about scientific developments, while scientists gain insights from practitioners' experiences.

Questions / Answers

  • What is contextual behavioral science?

CBS focuses on placing well-being within individuals' personal contexts, emphasizing what truly matters beyond symptoms.

  • How does CBS change psychology practice?

It shifts focus from symptom control towards identifying life values, promoting acceptance, commitment, and meaningful actions.

  • What can be achieved through the association's conference?

The conference facilitates knowledge exchange between practitioners and scientists, aiming at improving clinical practice through tested techniques.

Key points & Insights

  • Contextual Behavioral Science emphasizes understanding individual values for improved well-being rather than solely addressing symptoms.

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy promotes accepting feelings while committing to meaningful actions in life.

  • The association's conference serves as a platform for integrating scientific developments into practical applications in psychology.

Relevant Quotes

  • "We want to sort of put people's well being in the context of what's important to them."

  • "Beyond that, what do you want your life to mean? You know, what really matters to you?"

  • "It challenges this idea that you just need to think positive thoughts or think logical thoughts."

  • "The conference is an opportunity for practitioners to hear about developments in science."

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